What To Eat After Getting Oral Surgery?

Have you got your oral surgery? If yes, then you might wonder about your food for the next few days. Oral surgeries can be quite difficult to handle after the surgery process, especially when eating and going back to your daily activities. If you are still unaware of the foods you should eat after getting oral surgery, let our expert team at Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery guide you through your healing process. 

 Tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, and other oral surgeries should have a planned post-dental recovery. One of them is to make sure that your fridge is full of soft foods not to cause damage and infections. Nutrition is a very important part of the post-dental recovery phase. Good nutrition prevents possible complications, swelling and increases the healing of the wounded area,  But what soft foods can suit your condition?

Here is a health guide on what to eat after getting oral surgery.


 The next thing you have to consider in eating foods after getting oral surgery is to make sure that no bits can irritate the wounded area. Soups like tomato and pumpkin soup are great choices since they are easy to consume and contain vitamins and minerals. You will not anymore worry about eating nutritious food with all this soup. The vitamins and minerals keep your body healthy, knowing that you cannot eat fruits and vegetables. Soups are also great for hydration and are very important in the recovery phase. You can try blended soups to ensure that there will be no chunk vegetables that might irritate your appetite. Ensure that your soup is lukewarm or cold since a hot soup will irritate, especially in the wounded area. 

 Cold Foods and Beverages (Ice Cream, Yogurt, Smoothies)

Ice creams, yogurt, and other smoothies are very popular to eat when you just got your oral surgery. Cold foods and beverages soothe and relieve the pain when they touch the wounded area for a short period. When it comes to yogurt, you can buy greek yogurt since it contains high proteins, minerals, and vitamins, calcium, and zinc, which are very important in restoring your body’s nutrition. Zinc is a major agent of healing wounded areas in the body. Calcium is important in keeping our teeth strong. When you are fond of ice cream, and you like its soothing effect on your gum’s wound, eating a lot of ice cream every day is not nutritious at all. Since it contains a lot of sugar, it can make you fatter than you already are. Try to make banana ice cream as a complement to your regular ice cream. Not only is it nutritious, but there is less sugar compared to your old ice cream. When it comes to smoothies, make sure that you use your spoon and not a straw. You might accidentally poke the wounded area, which can result in bleeding and swelling. 


If you are struggling with water, broths are highly recommended for the post-dental recovery phase. Broths contain vitamins and minerals to help your body’s nutrition, and it maintains hydration in your body. Bone broths are one of the options you can make if you are looking for something to eat. It is not just healthy, but it has anti-inflammatory benefits that will help you recover. 

 Mashed Potatoes

As a replacement for your favorite fries sticks, mashed potatoes are a great energizer. It is easy to take and has a large serving compared to other foods. Potatoes are great curries of calories which boost your body’s energy. We all get tired and too down to move after getting a tooth extracted or after getting our wisdom teeth removed. That is why eating mashed potatoes can be a great idea to get back on our daily activities even if we are still in our recovery phase. 

 Cheese and Eggs

 Cheese is high in probiotics which helps in speeding up your body’s healing process. Eggs are high in proteins which maintain your body’s nutrition. Try to make the egg scrambled so you can chew and swallow the food easily. This can be a good start to try chewable foods. Sooner or later, you will be able to take large bits or chunks without getting irritated, 

 If you have questions regarding oral surgery, especially what to eat after getting oral surgery, let our doctors and our expert dental team guide you through the whole post-surgical process. Get your oral surgery at Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery. Call us through our customer service hotline and schedule an appointment with our oral surgeons. Here at Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery, we take care of you like our family. Call us today!