5 Signs You Need An Impacted Teeth Removal

Do you experience severe pain from your wisdom teeth? Do you have difficulty cleaning your teeth because of your impacted teeth problem? Get free from this pain by seeking the professionals at Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery, the best oral surgery clinic in Maryville, TN. We treat you like our own family through various oral surgery and cosmetic facial surgery, including impacted teeth removal.

Do we need impacted teeth removal? There’s a lot of people who don’t remove their wisdom teeth. They can still go on with life, even with a wisdom tooth. But this is not always the case for some. Impacted teeth can be left untreated if they are in their correct position and do not affect your proper biting. Treating impacted teeth in the wrong place will secure the alignment of your teeth and will prevent further damage to the oral structure of a person. Luckily, we at Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery have been practicing oral surgery for a long time. Our oral surgeons and professional dentists are skilled in doing impacted teeth removal

Here are some signs you can remember when you need an impacted teeth removal.

Severe Pain

Having impacted teeth that affect the position of your teeths and create a pain sensation when you chew your food is probably one of our worst nightmares. You really can’t eat well if you have an impacted teeth problem. The pain will always be there, especially when the affected teeth are cramped to the other surrounding teeth. That is why our expert oral surgeons can perform impacted teeth removal using various technologies to secure a gentle-safe surgical procedure. 

Tooth Infections

If you are experiencing tooth infections like pericoronitis, immediately seek help from the best oral surgeon at Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery and get an impacted teeth removal treatment. Tooth infection mainly arises when the teeth have insufficient space to grow fully, making the surrounding gum tissue in the impacted tooth prone to infection due to aggravation, swelling, and pain issues. When the impacted tooth becomes infected, there’s not much time to affect the surrounding teeth. Risk in your oral health might happen, and further oral surgery needs to be done. This is why getting your impacted teeth removed will be a good start to prevent other tooth infections.

Formation of Cyst

If you still have your wisdom or impacted teeth after high school, the chances of cyst formation are higher. The cyst is fluid-filled spaces in your jawbone that form when you have impacted teeth. Due to crowding or cramping or teeth, the affected teeth can become infected and eventually lead to cyst formation. If a cyst is left untreated, it might worsen and lead to major complications like a tumor. So, as early as middle school, get your impacted teeth removed through Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery. 

Crowded Teeth

Do you have crowded teeth? Some patients experience pain in their impacted teeth due to crowding. There are various reasons and factors why our teeth get crowded. Usually, our lower front tooth experiences loading and only gets attention after we apply for braces. When an impacted tooth is not positioned correctly, the chances of crowding on some part of your teeth are higher because the teeth are getting cramped and have so little space for developing entirely. If you have an impacted tooth and crowded teeth, the best idea is to get an impacted teeth removal service so that it won’t be a nuisance anymore to the growing surrounding teeth. Plus, it will prevent further damage to your jawbone, teeth, and gums

Affects the Adjacent Tooth

When you have an impacted tooth, there can be possible lacking spaces that will affect your cleaning routine. If there is a lack of space around your impacted tooth, the front tooth, considered the second molar, will be prone to infections, gum diseases, and tooth decay. To avoid these unpleasant scenarios, get them removed as soon as possible because prevention is better than cure. 

If you have the worst time of impacted teeth experience, let our skilled oral surgeon help you get through this challenging moment. Call Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery! We are serving all types of oral problems to the best quality service there is. What are you waiting for? Schedule your next appointment now!